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Did You Know: Events
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Posted by: Gunner, on 4/2/2012, in category "Club Information"
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Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Abstract: I'm amazed that so many people don't know about all the features available to you through the “Events” page. For example, did you know you can access results for old events? I'm not just t...

I'm amazed that so many people don't know about all the features available to you through the “Events” page. For example, did you know you can access results for old events? I'm not just talking about last weekend's round ... I'm also talking about events that occurred in previous years.

Why would you want to access that data? For prior years' events - who knows (but you can)! Most likely you'll be interested in recent historical events for the following reasons:

  • You can view the event results, including place, points, earnings, donations, etc. for all participants.
  • You can view hole-by-hole scores - both gross and net - for all participants (NEW!)
  • You can view hole-by-hole statistics like average score, number of double eagles, eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys, etc. - both gross and net - for each tee box used in the event (NEW!)

To experience all the functionality available, be sure you’re logged in. Then, go to "The Club" and then click on the "Events" link. You'll see a series of drop-down boxes at the top of the page:

  • Show RSVPs For: Have a match-play match to schedule with a member? Want to find out if the guy you’re chasing in the Boone’s Farm Cup standings is missing any upcoming rounds that you can take advantage and make a move in the standings? This drop-down box includes all our members – and by selecting somebody other than yourself (the default value), you can see what Events that member is signed up for!
  • Events per page: The default is to show you 25 Events at a time. Want to see less or more? You can change the value here to show as few as 10 Events and as many as 100 Events at a time.
  • Filter List By: Want to see just the upcoming Majors? Social Events? Playoff Events? Select a value here other than “All Event Types” (the default value) to narrow down the Events you are looking at.
  • Show Events For Year: You can change the value of this drop-down box to view Events from previous years. Only 2011 came over from our old site – but as the years go on – so will the number of historical years (back to 2011) you can view Event History for.
  • In The Timeframe: This drop-down box works with the previous “Show Events For Year” drop-down. For example, if you choose to show events for the year 2011, this drop-down box goes away completely – and you’ll be shown all events for the non-current calendar year. However, if you are viewing Events in the current year (the default value) you have additional options:
    • Next 90 Days (the default value) – This will show you Events scheduled in the next 90 days and the current calendar year. Therefore, it probably won’t show you much on December 31st.
    • All Upcoming Events – This will show you ALL upcoming Events in the current calendar year (not just those scheduled in the next 90 days).
    • Last 90 Days – This will show you events that occurred in the last 90 days and the current calendar year. This is great for viewing recent historical Events for which you want to review results, hole-by-hole scores and/or hole-by-hole statistics.
    • All Previous – This will show you all events that occurred prior to “today” in the current calendar year.

Be sure to poke around the Events page – and historical Event Results!

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