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2017 Member Member Final Leaderboard
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Posted by: Hawkeye, on 7/17/2017, in category "Club Information"
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Location: Finksburg, Maryland, United States
Abstract: Click here to access the Leaderboa...

Click here to access the Leaderboard for the 2017 Member-Member Tournament.

The first major tournament of 2017 is now in the history books.The spectacular weather made this two day team event even more enjoyable. Both courses were excellent but Royal Manchester has without doubt the best greens we ever see.

The first day was contested at the Bridges by the seven 2-man teams. The format was scramble and alternate shot. The daily prize pool of $140 was paid to the first and second teams. Winning the tiebreaker (over the Twins) to take second place is the Quick Silver team of Walter Quick and Commish. They each won $25. In first place is the High Ballers, no I mean the Jeffersons. Jeff Ginter and Jeff Nengel each won $45. Pulling up the rear and winning the BF vino is Bill Pigg and Robert Thompson.

On the second day the format was best ball and aggregate. Placing second in the daily prize pool is the team of Rotator Duffs. Lou and Brian Taylor each won $25. Placing first is the Twins. Bob Hammond and Doug Myers each won $45. Finishing last to win the daily BF vino is Kevin O'Donnell and Keelan Crosby.

First and second place teams in the overall results win gift certificates of $75 each and $50 each respectively.  The team placing second is the Jeffersons. The first place team is the Twins. The top three teams were awarded points at a rate of 1.5 the normal weekend rate since this is a major event. The first place team received 52.5 points each. Second place received 33.6 points each. The third place team of Quick Silver is awarded 21 points each.

Congrats to the winners!

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