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Belated Birthday Wishes to "Ice" from Honey Run
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Posted by: Hawkeye, on 6/29/2017, in category "Club Information"
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Location: Finksburg, Maryland, United States
Abstract: Teed off at 10 AM with a clear blue sky, 80 degrees and a nice light breeze.

Teed off at 10 AM with a clear blue sky, 80 degrees and a nice light breeze.  Prior to sunrise remnants of a tropical storm passed over the course

dumping 2 inches of rain, leaving the course wet in spots and creating new

water hazards – all of the bunkers. The course conditions, though wet in some places, were prime. The greens were as good as we ever see. Carts were restricted to the cart path. We played lift, clean & place in your own fairway. Still, each 4some played in just under 4:30.


Only 2 players finished in red numbers. Reliable Doug Meyers, finishing

2nd for the day, shot 82 gross 71 net. Keelan Crosby, in the midst of recovery

from a one day early 50th birthday celebration, and having just sold his soul (many of us were stunned to learn that he still had one) in return for stupid

good golf (“FUBAR”), shot 71 gross 62 net, taking 1st place money by 9 strokes.

Warrants were issued for all of the usual suspects…


Don Whitehead and Jim Hoos each shot net 73. Don Whitehead took 3rd place

money by virtue of his winning the back nine tie-breaker. Jim Hoos took 4th

place money.


CTTP Pin Results @ $20 each:Tim Elliot,Vince Shifflet, Doug Meyers, Jim Hoos


There were some eerie / tense moments on the course. Carl “The Phantom”

Rebert’s name  appeared on the CTTP Sheet on Hole # 4. “Sasquatch” claimed

to be closest on # 9. Keelan’s new love interest “Bertha Butz” was first closest

on # 12. And “BOB” (???) apparently had good tee shots on both # 12 & # 17.

None of these players posted to collect their CTTP winnings. So we sent Jeff

Nengel out to look for them. ‘But, like many of his tee balls, they were long

gone and could not be found.


KOD / B-P did all that he could to claim the fine wine, but Miles Isaacson

wouldn’t allow it.


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