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Rules (by Examples)
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Posted by: Gunner, on 4/27/2013, in category "Club Information"
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Location: Parkton, Maryland, United States
Abstract: This year I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a...

This year I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a few Rules Articles to go over situations/scenarios from real-life experiences occurring in our 2013 season.  In each article, I’ll provide an image of the hole, describe the situation, go over the applicable Rule(s) and provide the “correct” Decision.


Remember – any Decision that would otherwise call for disqualification may not be what we actually end up enforcing because we have a Local Rule that allows us to reduce or waive a DQ penalty.  By Rule – we are not authorized to reduce or waive any penalty less than DQ – but for players who have already “missed the cut” even without additional penalty – there is nothing left to gain by enforcing a penalty after the fact – so those folks may have their lesser penalties commuted anyway.


Click here to review the Rules Article posted in response to a situation that occurred at South Hills on 4/27/2013.

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